Thursday, 18 December 2008

Well in just 22 hours, Ross and I will *hopefully* know what sex this baby is... Yep kids, it's the 20 WEEK SCAN!!

It's incredible to know that we are now half way through this pregnancy. At times it feels like its been a long time coming, other times it feels like we're going full speed ahead with no brakes and the end of the road is in sight and I'm panicking!!

I'm learning self hypnosis to use during the labour - it's a difficult skill to have, but if mastered, I will be able to stay calm and in control (and in theory, not feel the pain) I'm a big believer in "mind over matter" and whilst I never considered myself being the tree hugging naturist type, I really love this idea of having a hypnobirth!

Baby has been moving around an awful lot recently, in fact I've been seeing baby prodding and it's amazing. Ross warned me to never watch the film "Aliens" because he said I'll feel the baby kick in the night and have nightmares...not sure what he's on about but I never intended or indeed desired to watch a sci fi thriller movie so I think we're good. I know my dad has seen it and he thought it was pretty scary - and anything too scary for him would definitely be too scary for me!!
Yesterday I worked on getting our 2nd bedroom (which we have been habitly calling "Back Room") sorted and ready for my brother and his family to stay with us over Christmas. Baby's room is all set up with the LoveSac in the corner and a double air bed (borrowed from Gemma and Nathan - thank you!!) I lifted some super heavy boxes and managed to put my back out - but that didn't stop me from beautifying my bookcase and sorting through the thousands of clothes - I was really doing well until a MASSIVE spider crawled out from between the clothes that were piled on the floor!! Thankfully, Harry Potter was there to save me!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Hello Baby....

Well it's taken 19 weeks but I have finally got the making of a bump...

I feel my baby kicking almost constantly during the day - until about 2ish when baby naps and baby goes to sleep fairly early at a respectable 9pm (unless of course, Ross and I try to watch an Action movie, the sub woofer seems to enhance the sounds and baby jumps at any loud noises) Then of course, i am kicked awake early in the morning !! I can not believe two night owls could breed an early bird! But I guess that's something I'm going to have to deal with!

Below are some pictures of baby at the 14 week scan, we were really lucky to have 3 different photos and it was wonderful to be able to see that baby clearly has his/her daddy's nose!!