Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Pat A Cake, Pat A Cake....

Whilst lying in the sofa watching TV, I patted my thighs with bordem and when I stopped, I felt a distinct "rap tap tap tap" in my uterus. My heart stopped with excitement. I waited a couple of seconds, then rapped against my thighs again and waited - sure enough, baby hit back.

Later that night, when Ross was sat on the sofa next to me, I started to feel the baby kicking again, excited, I grabbed Ross' hand and pressed it hard on the area I felt the kicking. After a few minutes two light "tap taps" made Ross' face light up and we were overjoyed at the confirmation that yes, there is a baby in there.


Just an update, had the scan two and half weeks ago. Saw baby, cute nose, cute legs and more importantly all is well and baby is very healthy. Ross and I are incredibly excited to find out the sex next month.

Sickness is still very present, I'm not so bad when I'm taking the tablets but I'm still feeling pretty rubbish. The appetite is back though - with a vengance! - I'm loving all things foodalicious! Particular favourites are:

Terry's Chocolate Orange
Ben N Jerry's Fish food - naughty, but I don't care
Mashed Potato
Cauliflower Cheese


We're excited about ThanksGiving dinner tomorrow night. All the family are gathering at Mum and Dad's and there will be mashed potato, stuffing, yams...... I'm totally salivating now...!

Anyways, must go. Until next post!....Laters.


16 Weeks 4 days

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Oh My Precious One! Can You Hear Me Praying For You?

13 weeks and 2 days along now and I still haven't seen my baby. There was a trial in getting an ultrasound appointment at the hospital because my midwife forgot to book me in with them and give them paperwork, so when I called up to arrange an ultrasound, they had no records of my pregnancy at all. A bit of a disappointing shock really because had I needed to go into hospital for any reason, they wouldn't have even known about me being pregnant.

Still that's all sorted now, Ross and I are going to meet our little one next wednesday at 2:30pm and we can hardly wait. We've known about this pregnancy for 2 months and 2 weeks and it's been a real trial of faith to go on believing everything is fine and baby is alive and well. I'm so exicted to see if my baby has fingers and toes, to see his little arms and legs, a beating heart...I know I'll cry. I feel all I've done is pray for this little trooper.

My Precious baby, I feel you inside me, growing and moving, I promise to protect you and love you with all my heart. Daddy sends you kisses every night and calms you down at night. We think you are a boy and we both can not wait to meet you. Until then, my little one, carry on, my darling, Carry on.