Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Good Morning Arnie!

Last night, as soon as Ross let Arnie loose in his enviroment, he waddled into a nice hiding place and settled down to sleep for the night. So we went to bed. when I woke up this morning I popped into the spare bedroom and saw the massive vivarium standing on our desk and though "Oh wow, it wasn't a weird dream then". Last night was weird. There were bugs escaping left right and centre! Poor Dad and Ross were running around grabbing various escapees and throwing them back in, but then all the insects figured out where the exit was and there was a mass exodus! Flying beetles, massive woodlice, crickets, worm things....ew!!! Ross said we can just feed Arnie crickets -those I can handle because they look like brown grass hoppers...and they don't bite! Arnie will also eat housespiders and we've had a massive amount of spiders in the house as of late (wow I hate August/September!!) I said to Ross "This is terrible, we've seen 5 massive spiders in 2 days! It wasn't like that last year!!" to which Ross sheepishly said, "actually it was....but if you remember, last year during Sep/Oct you were in bed all the I just got rid of them and didn't tell you" EWWWW!!!!

Anyways, back to Arnie. He's lovely. Gosh I love him! It was love at first sight. His cute little head and sweet eyes. His pattern is beautiful and he's so elegent!! And he's TINY. Yeah, with the tail he's about a foot long, but his body must be only 4" or so. He doesn't bite (yet) but he's very skittish. Actually he reminds me of a newt I befriended in Lower Knowles Road. Anyways, he's wonderful and there is now a very calm feeling in the house. I like his spirirt, it's very lovely.

Well, that's it for the morning update!! With all the stress going on, it's nice to have something - or someone - in the house to calm us all down!!

ps, Ryan thinks he's great!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Arnold Burton the monitor Lizard

This is our new lizard. We do not know if it's a boy or a girl, but we've decided to call it Arnie (after the great Terminator himself) haha We're picking him (it) up tonight. We're very excited about the new addition to our family! Welcome Arnie Burton!!! :D

Swindon House

This is the house we are looking round today - it's in a nice area of Swindon (all the people on the estate have BMWs!) and it has a sky dish. Very nice. It's 4 bed detached and in a cul-de-sac. Very nice. It's the same price as where we are now. Bargain.

Yo, Yo, Yo, my name is Ryan and I'm singing this rap,

Right before my afternoon nap,

I spend all day on my big play mat,

talking to whale and tellin' him where I'm at,

Sometimes I like to watch the gran prix

Top gear as well, on daddy's big TV

I love my mummy as she keeps me cool,

she feeds me milk and wipes my drool,

Daddy makes me laugh and smile,

but he goes out to "work" for a little while

so it's just me and mummy chillin' out,

no need to scream, no need to shout,

I learn about 'Potter, did you know he's a wizard?

and later today, daddy is getting a lizard!

My eyes are red and becoming weary

i'm feelin' grizzly and getting teary,

so I'll end this rap at this time,

and leave you all with a might fine ryhme,

oh yeah, oh, oh, oh yeah, oh, gotta go....

Saturday, 22 August 2009

My, My, my little man is growing up! He looks so old and wise! Okay maybe not old per-say....but he just doesn't look like a newborn anymore.
Ross and I took Ryan out to Pizza hut the other night. It was lovely to get out and unwind. The waitress cooed over Ryan and out of the blue just asked me "are you bottle feeding or - " and I said "no, breastfeeding" and she pulled a face of disgust and went "oh, eww - how old is he?" and I replied "just over 3 months" and she looked even more disgusted and walked off. I was mortified. I never thought of myself as one of those women who just feed their babies til they're practically walking...yet I felt like someone saw me that way!! It annoys me like crazy that breastfeeding is a great achievement and it totally the best you can possibly do for your baby and if you DO breastfeed, you're like some dirty person. Made me really upset! :(
Anyways, enough of that. We've had a crazy weekend. We went to Grandad Burton's funeral on Friday. it was lovely, but sad all the same. Andrew stayed with us too. And we went around Swindon today to scope it out and see if there was any mileage in moving there. We quickly found the areas to steer clear of and found a couple of nice pockets....well it's better than Gloucester!! We'll see how it goes but Swindon is looking like it might be our next move.
Aaarrrgh, my eyeballs are glued shut. I'm SO tired. Ryan slept for nearly 8 hours last night (WITH NO BREAK or FEED) wow. And yet i'm still absolutely shattered. I wish I could just sleep for a week. Oh well. Off to church tomorrow and then I've got the pleasure of Helen and her mum coming over to visit. BUSY BUSY BUSY. Also hoping to weigh Ryan on monday and see how he is progressing. :)
That's all the news I think

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Unofficial - but GOOD NEWS!

Ross got a call from Rob - (haha Ross, Rob...funny) Well he was the person who interviewed Ross on Monday. He said people at HR are sick, so they can't officially give an offer. However, he wanted to let Ross know that they WILL be giving an offer and asked Ross to be flexible because when he gets in the door, they might try him in a few different positions....they are actually keen to have him doing the original job that Ross applied's better paid, more appealing and has better Ross and I are absolutely THRILLED.


Now my brain feels like mush and i feel like I want to sleep for a week. haha


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My Precious, Precious little one...

Amongst the stress and times I feel like I'm running around like a headless chicken, I sometimes find myself stopping dead in my tracks and feeling overwhelmed and blown-away by the love and devotion I feel towards Ryan. He is currently fast asleep in his bouncer and I can't help but watch in in awe and adoration. I love him in a way that's indescribable. I'd do anything for him. He is my little darling, my precious little creation. He's thriving and learning and suprises me every day. His sweet spirit shines out and takes me breath away. He is still so fresh from Heaven. So perfect, so healing, so incredibly good for the soul. Ross and I are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for our son. He completes us and makes us proud, humbled, excited, terrified...and all the emotions between! I wrote this poem just moments ago, whilst sat in a rather poignant mood.

I never knew how much joy,
Having you, could make me
I never knew, my little boy,
That you would look so heavenly

I felt you close by during my tender years,
I began to recognise your noble spirit,
During those hard days of trials and fears,
You’d come along and visit.

When the sickness was too tough,
Or I just couldn’t carry on,
You’re presence was simply enough,
To help me feel strong

You were so excited to come to Earth,
We prayed for you every day
On finally when it came to your birth
The joy I felt was more than I can say

I never guessed you’d look so cute,
so new, yet undeniably familiar,
I held you close and the world went mute
And we looked at each other in wonder

How precious you are, I could never convey,
It would be impossible to do
I thank my Heavenly Father day by day,
For blessing me with you

I love to watch you thrive and grow
Into a handsome, happy young child,
With more potential than you’ll ever know
And a temperament so wonderful and mild

I know you are a child of God,
Who is righteous and willing to do right
Who will continue to grip onto the Iron Rod
And be strong as you fight the good fight

Love you always



It certainly does put things into perspective. :)

Monday, 17 August 2009

Disappointment leaves a nasty sting

It's been over 6 weeks since Ross first applied for Nationwide. It has been the most drawn-out process I've experienced yet. We've been constantly on our knees in prayer and Ross has done everything he possibly could to get offered the job.

Turns out HR were poor at their communication. They thought he wasn't suitable for the job at all, just forwarded Ross' CV to someone else and said they thought someone else might like to have a "chat" with him. You know, because Ross has all the time in the world to go to these chats. >:(

So Ross was totally disappointed and taken off-guard. He'd unknowingly walked into another *formal* interview for another job.

They bypassed the topic of salary, they went on about how Ross wasn't exactly good for the role, but they liked him and the experience he had. They said they couldn't promise anything and will let Ross know the outcome of the interview on Wednesday AND they said there would be no over-time or call-out.

So I'm sad here, heart-broken and sobbing for all England because I just feel like the one piece of good news I really, desperately prayed for has been completely and utterly shattered. I'm totally devastated and yet I'm supposed to wipe away my tears, put on my make up and smile for Ross when he gets home in 15 mins.

I can't take this anymore. Something GOOD needs to happen. Why isn't it happening???

Time To Get Out the Lucky Green Suit....

So today Ross has an "informal" interview with Nationwide. It's going to be onsite at the Technology centre this time (instead of the HQ building across town) he'll also meet his potential new boss. So we're are hoping, praying and going crazy because we both REALLY want this to happen. We want this to work out and most of all, we want this to be RIGHT!

So Ross has dug out his olive green suit. I sniffed my nose up at it and asked him why on earth would he not wear his nice new charcole suit....

"Because - " Ross began as he scrubbed the suit trousers with a baby wipe in a desperate attempt to remove a mark. "this is my lucky green suit....every job I've ever had, I received the offer whilst wearing THIS suit!"

hahah. Let's see how it goes eh? Interview is at 3pm. PRAY FOR US PEOPLE!!! :D

Will update when we know what happens!


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Eye of the Tiger....

DUN, dun, dun, DUN. Dun, Dun DUN. Dun dun daaaaaaaaa!!!

Rising up, up with the fire,
burning with a righteous desire,
Keeping faith, remembering to pray,
It's the way of our life...

..oh oh, eye of the tiger it's the lurch of my tum,
stressing day, night and all that's inbetween us!
Oh oh, eye of the tiger it's the song that I hum,
as I hope and I pray that we'll hear.......From Nationwide!!

DUN, dun, dun DUN. DUn, Dun, DUN. Dun dun daaaaaaa

Eye of the tiger!!

DUN, dun, dun, DUN. Dun, Dun, DUN. Dun dun daaaaa...

.....eye of the tiger.....


So the waiting continues. If truth be told I feel a bit sick. Someone from Nationwide finally called yesterday. I broke out in a cold sweat and caught my breath as I listened to Ross talking in the other room...

"yes, speaking"
"oh, okay, that's fine"
"no, that's okay, no problem"
"No problem, bye"

My stomach plummeted to the ground, my mouth went dry and I suddenly felt incredibly dizzy. All these thoughts were rushing through my head:

"Oh no, he didn't get it - okay gotta act positive - we're DOOMED - no, no be strong for Ross, It's fine darling - no, no, no, no, no!! - it wasn't meant to be - HOW CAN I CARRY ON?? - it'll be fine, we couldn't live off the wage anyway....."

Ross finally re-enters the lounge and tells me that it was someone from HR asking for more information re: previous addresses and contact details for Sony.

"Oh," was all I could say.

They specifically wanted to find out if Ross had ever lived at 22 Blackberry Hill, Cumbria. That's when my heart sank again. They had done a background check and credit check on us and well Blackberry Hill was his parents house and where his mum decided to refuse to pay council tax. We think it's been blacklisted. Ross was registered at that address for electoral roll purposes but actually resided in Canada at the time. He explained this and now we pray, PRAY, that this wont affect their decision.....

...if it does, Ross and I will have to pray really REALLY hard for help in not getting angry and mad at Ross' mum. *sigh*

We'll see what happens. eh.



Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Farewell Grandad Burton

In the early hours of the 10 August 2009, Grandad Burton passed away after a gruelling battle with cancer. He requested for the patriarch of Bristol stake to give him a blessing, just moments before he passed on. All of his family went to the hospital to say goodbye and it was a really emotional time.

He was only 71 years of age and it was a big shock to the Burton family as it all looked like the cancer had gone and he was cured. Sadly the cancer spread to his lungs and then he got a chest infection which then made his body shut down. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Nanny Burton and Dad, Aunty Rachel and Uncle Craig at this sad time. :(

Monday, 10 August 2009

A weekend out at the Forest of Dean

Ross, Ryan and I went to the Forest of Dean on saturday. It was absolutely lovely and I was so shocked to see that England had somewhere so beautiful - and just on our doorstep too!
....Ryan slept through the whole thing. lol