Wednesday, 28 January 2009

And she arrives!! How did we find out?? FACEBOOK!

And she's here! Well she actually arrived at 11:36pm last night. Weighing at just 6lbs 6ounces. Amazing labour, just gas n air at the end and no stitches! WOW. The pressure is on for my labour!!

Really excited to meet our new little neice (WITH BROWN HAIR!!!) cute!!! She doesn't have a name yet, but we'll know soon. Hopefully Ross and I will be driving up for a visit on sunday and have a cuddle or two! :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Here she comes!

Kirstie, Ross' sister in law, has officially gone into labour. Contractions every 8 mins - so we've got a way to go yet, but finally this little baby Burton girl is going to enter the world!

We're very excited to see her safe and sound - been a long time coming as we expected her to arrive 2 weeks ago!!

Yikes, all brings to home what Ross and I have gotten ourselves into!


Monday, 26 January 2009

Give me Sleep, Give me muffins, Give me SPACE ROAWR!

Mood swings - yayness. "Ross, please can you go through the labour for me? I've decided I'm too young and weak to do it myself...." - 1 hour later, trying to get comfy in bed and failing miserably. "Forget this, roll on pregnancy, baby I want you OUT! Bring it on!!"

Laughing incessantly at myself as I walk into a door - AGAIN. >>>>>> Bursting into tears because I am a total failure and rotten housewife because I left the tuna out over night and now it's all hard and gross....


I'm thinking I'm having another astronomical hormone surge! *naaaoooww!* My moods can change as quickly as - ummm *desperately thinks of something incredibly fast, chaning direction spontaneously and uber fast.....* A dragon fly? *oh lame.*

I'm hungry. I'm Not hungry. Oh I'm SO tired! I'm wide awake! I'm happy! I'm depressed! I love you Ross! GIVE ME SPACE.

Yes, so todays post is all about my newly found joys of MOOD SWINGS. Yeah baby!

Not sure how exactly to stablise these moods and just stay content all day! But me thinks that a nice trip to the Temple this weekend will do me Oh-so-much-Good!! *breathe* phew. *calms*

Can not WAIT!


Saturday, 24 January 2009

I'm Stuffed!!

Okay, just ate two LARGE baked potatoes stuffed with tuna and sweetcorn. I'm uncomfortably full now....

...yet I wanted to note how bizzare my appetite is these days. One minute I am totally full, then within 10 minutes, I feel mildly hungry again.

Is there no end to the hunger? My bump has grown 5 inchs in the last 2 weeks!!

Don't get me started on the rubbishness of maternity clothes (or lack of, I mean) Anyone know where I can get some nice ones? Or do I have to settle for


Friday, 23 January 2009

105 To Go....Oh my Gosh! 105 DAYS to GO!

Okay sorry people, I'm back on the baby talk again. I just can't help it. Whilst giving into my nesting urge and redisigning my blog - I noticed the baby countdown timer thingy. 105 days - really? REALLY? That's like....not very long!

The only reason why I'm involuntarily freaking out about it is because it feels like oh - last month shall we say? that it was 105 days until Ross and I were getting married! That time flew by so fast - I'm sure the same will happen this time round!

So, soon I will have my little bundle of joy in my arms. Cooing and charming me with his beautiful eyes and adorable pouty lips. Ahh newborns....gorgeous! My boy, my baby boy. The day I see him in the flesh is almost in sight!

I had a nightmare last night - again. (These blummin' anti-sickness tablets make me have nightmares on a regular basis!) This one was bad though. I mean, it was baaaaad.

So I think I went to bed with a bad back, I didn't pluff up my pillows sufficiently enough to give me support either. The result? - Ross spread out like a star fish, snoring his head off and surrounded by pillows and me wide awake, squeezed on the very edge of the bed just about to fall out...!

When I finally did get to sleep, I dreamt I was being taken into a very small hospital. The staff and nurses were nice enough. They told me to put on a nightgown of theirs - you know the ones I mean, the hideously embaressing scraps of paper stuck together with two arm holes and a huge slit down the back - nice...

They told to me to lay down, a man came in with the BIGGEST needle I have EVER seen. (I'm talking, 2 foot long ++ ) Jabbing it into my spine - yeouch!!! The Pain! The Pain! It ached so much! when everything went totally numb.

Ross came in, held my hand and said "not long now, don't worry". The doc cut me open, I could feel tugging on my belly - then there was a pause. "Oh, there's nothing in there. False alarm, stitch her back up".


I woke up to blazing sunlight pouring in through the thin blinds hanging up in our bedroom window. Ross was long gone to work - the time 10ish, my back - totally agony and my bump? Gone.

I trembled with anxiety as I stumbled bleary-eyed to the bathroom. I only calmed down a few hours later when I felt a few distinct prods in my abdomen. My, I never felt such joy and relief to feel a great kick on my bladder!


So yeah......brain dead.

I guess that's all for now. I'm hungry....again. (Yes, and Still Pregnant. There IS a baby in there....I promise!)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

WOW it's amazing!! I have something to talk about other than BABY!

Today folks, I wish to talk about the mysteries and joys of January! Sounds facinating right?

Well, it came to my attention the other day, that as we continue to dwell in these dark wintery days - every little niggle, every little dark thought in our minds become highly intensified to the point where come 4pm when the lights are already on and the curtains closed...we reach depression!

Oh how ghastly January can be!!

Reasons why you should Hate January:

  1. It's cold and dark
  2. It's not Christmas anymore
  3. That early Christmas pay packet seem SO far away right now...
  4. Pay day....when is it? When is it?
  5. January sales mock you because you have no money to spend in them!
  6. It's cold and dark - all the time
  7. Everyone seems to go into "social hibernation"
  8. TV programmes have all ended and now it's rubbish on TV
  9. ALL the good movies have come out but even Cheap Night Tuesday is too expensive!
  10. Did I mention it's cold and dark??

Seriously! I mean, I have an extra little bonus: It was my birthday on Jan 3rd. How depressing is that?? Straight after New Year, I'm sure there's people out there still recovering from hang overs or sugar highs on the 3rd. People are glum EVERYWHERE because Oh, no, it's back to work! Not exactly the greatest time to be born eh? But hey, I'm not saying I'm not thankful. Without January 3rd I wouldn't have been born! (well, I guess I would have been born on the 2nd or the 4th instead, but it just wouldn't be the same...)

But as I think about it, and really ponder the topic, January doesn't have to be so bad!

Reasons why you should Love (okay, too much) LIKE January:

  1. New Year, New Start, Fresh leaf...all that jazz!
  2. You can now get excited about all those plans you've thought about doing this year
  3. Nothing can beat that "wow, it's all fresh and new, I can do ANYTHING" feeling!
  4. From now on, each day is beginning to get lighter and longer! Yay!
  5. We are just a month away from VALENTINES day! (oh yay!)
  6. January sales (if you have any Christmas money, now is the time to spend it)
  7. All the children seem to be bouncing off the walls with excitement as they tell anyone who wants to know, what Santa got them for Christmas!
  8. Kids go back to School! The Streets are clear!! YAY
  9. The worker's moral is low at work so you don't have to stress too much about doing much
  10. Um...New start? heh heh For the Sake of Old Lang Sine!

I guess it just depends on how you look at it. If you are more with the "I hate January" attitude, perhaps a change of perspective is in order!! (re read the 2nd list again and count to ten- breathe - very good!) Yes, with the dark, cold days extra effort is in order to actually get anything done, but if and when we DO achieve that which we want to - Oh, isn't it worth it!! What a great feeling!!

Let's raise our glasses (mugs, bottles or plastic cups) to this January and may it be a productive, inspiring and -dare I say it?- exciting month for all of us!!


Thursday, 8 January 2009

Repeat Scan Nightmare and More Baby Things!

Well during the first 20 week scan I had a while back, they couldn't see baby's spine properly as he was laying in a difficult position. (Breech transvere with legs up, been the same old story since his 13 week scan!) So I had to go in for a repeat anomly scan on Tuesday. I was totally cool about it because lets face it, anyone would be thrilled for a chance to see their baby on the TV screen again!

I guess I was not so astonished when the sonographer said two things. Firstly, my bladder was no where near as full as she wanted it to be (despite my little boy laying right on it fast asleep...making me think otherwise!) and after some serious prodding and trying to wake a very irritated baby who kept battering the sonographer with his little hands and turning his head away in a dozy manner (my, he's already like his mummy) the midwife finally gave up and said "I don't believe it! He's STILL in the same position!....I guess he's just got himself comfortable!" I didn't hear anything else, I just watched my little one slowly moving from side to side, occassionally jerking his hand or foot in his sleep. I wondered what he might be dreaming about...

"you'll need to come back later today and drink something fizzy!" the midwife said. I felt a little glum at the thought of having to work on making my bladder as full as possible - especially when I have to fight with over a pound of baby pressing down on it all day long!

A few hours, several drinks and sips of fizzy fanta later...we were back in the waiting room. Oh my, I thought the midwife was punishing me. She was sat laughing in the reception area for 10 minutes until she decided to come and do the scan on me. I furiously watched the "Patient's Toilet" sign on the door right ahead of me and gritted me teeth. Ross tried to keep a smile from passing his lips, and patted my hand sympathetically. "You're doing well," he muttered quietly every two minutes. Finally we were in the darknened scan room and I led down on the paper covered bed. The midwife took several minutes entering my name and details into the system because she had decided to use a room that didn't hold my records. (how annoying - baby is awake from the sugar and doing the conga on my bladder now.....please hurry UP)

Finally the sonogram was on and we saw our little man again. This time all I could see was chubby long legs. He'd definitely got bigger since the 20 week scan a few weeks ago, his face looked more mature (if that's possible when we're talking about a baby here) and his little hands were not so little! No wonder I feel mighty prods and kicks during the day. Speaking of kicking...."Oh, can you feel him kicking?" the midwife asked in surprise as I watched my baby boy stubbornly push the sonogram wand with both his feet and kick furiously against her prods (he really likes his space - but who would enjoy being constantly roused from sleep and prodded in various parts of your body?) Once again, the sonographer stated that this boy was stubborn and decided to stay in the same position as before so his bottom was curled as he hand his legs up against his tummy and his feet over his head. He's such a smart little man, already he sees the benefits of practicing yoga.... thankfully he was awake so he straightened out just long enough to help the midwife see the bottom of the spine and happily announce that all was in order and he doesn't have spina bifida or some other awful problem. At that moment baby turned his head right towards the wand and made a gesture as if to say "look, if there was a problem with my spine, I wouldn't be able to do - THIS!" and once again he pulled his feet up by his head and played with his toes. LOL

So that's all done now. Thankfully! We wont need to go in for another scan unless the midwives are worried about the baby's position (which evidently I am, already) 4 scans and he's been the same for each one! - you can't blame me worrying!

We bought our crib and got it the other day. It's beautiful! And it swings (but you can set it to stay still too) and we have all the bedding for it and it's all set up in the back room at the moment. Sometimes I like to just sit next to it and rub my belly as I talk to baby and tell him all about our new purchases. "we've got your pram, car seat, crib, clothes and nappies don't you worry, mummy and daddy are getting prepared!"

Mmm I'm now insanely hungry - mini cheddars it is then, I've been awake for hours now thanks to my little gymnast kicking me awake. "Come on, get up, DO something mummy!" okay, okay, I'm off!