Wednesday, 2 February 2011


This is a disturbingly accurate illustration of me attempting to do my daily excersises. It all started when Carla showed me this Pilates DVD she had been doing, we did it together (until of course Carla couldn't continue and I carried on alone) this went on for a month and I certainly felt a difference. I have much more strength and stamina. So I ofted for a new DVD called "10 minute solution Blast off Body fat" it's fantastic. But not really 10 minutes as I like to do all the segments. You really feel the muscles shaking and they make me very very hot! A month of that every day (except sunday of course) and I'll be looking pretty fit! (I hope!) I'm so desperate to get rid of my horrible baby fat!! Give me another 3 months of this (coupled with my much healthier diet of satsumas and crackers as snacks and smaller dinner portions) and I will be in good stead for when I wean Alex onto a bottle, hopefully by the time he is 7 months old and I wont be looking so chubby!

As Ryan says in the car, "go, go, Go!"