Monday, 27 April 2009

Baby Being a Pain in the Bump...

I can not believe that I am sat here and about to type these words: I'm STILL pregnant.

There are not enough words to describe how I am feeling about that. So I shan't write anything.

Pppft. Baby, come out, come out where ever you are!!!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

"I'm Not in Labour....I'm Just in Pain!!!"

As soon as the words escaped my lips I couldn't help but let out a roar of laughter. How silly I can be sometimes!!

I was up til the wee hours of the morning with awful cramps and pains - but New ones. It felt like a massive painful stitch across the top of my bump and a dull ache at the bottom of my bump. Then it moved to my lower back before dying away and coming back again after 10 mins or so.

Ross actually thought I was in labour and was keen to get me into hospital!! I couldn't believe him! We had decided that should I go into labour, we wouldn't go in until the VERY LAST MINUTE. I guess he just panicked??

Also, he decided to get sympathy labour pains! He was doubled up too going "owww" and described the same pain. Mind you, it could have just been indigestion because we both ate a couple of rennies tablets and that stitch feeling went away almost immediately.

I woke up several times in the night. The crampy pains wouldn't let me sleep. But I'm still here. I feel like a ticking time bomb, my body wants to go into labour but I think it's waiting until I'm 37 weeks on paper. Full-term.

Not much to report really. Just excited about this weekend. I'm so sure i'm going to go into labour I've not renewed my sickness tablets because I'm convinced I wont need them. lol.

We'll see I guess! xxxxx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

It could be any day now...!

I had a different midwife this time. She was older, much more experienced. When she went to feel my bump she said, "hmm been feeling lots of braxton hicks at all?" and I said, "oh yes, quite a lot" and she nodded knowingly and said "you're having a strong one now..." and I was like "Oh really? I didn't know that!!" so I felt like a bit of a wally. lol.

Yes, baby's head is 100% engaged!! His back is lying next to my bump on the left side and he is in "optimal position for birth". YESSSS!!!

Midwife's words, "you could go into labour any day now, you're baby is ready and raring to's just down to you now." I'M SO EXCITED NOW!!

I have another appointment in two weeks but the midwife said "you'll probably have had the baby before your next appointment!" WOW WOW WOW.

And it was soooo cool to have her telling me what body part was what, she was like "here, press here, that's a foot....and there's his back and can't feel his head though, that's too far down in the pelvis...."

Oh baby, you're such a good, good boy!!! Daddy and I can NOT wait to meet you!!!

Watch this space folks. Baby boy Burton is at the starting line and it's just up to mummy to fire the gun! Roll on labour! Roll on!! :)

You've got the "All Clear"

Good news at last!! The vibrations and noises were coming from one of the wheels on the Golf! Ross changed it and KABAM! WE NOW HAVE A WORKING GOLF!!!!


SOoo the shiny blue golf is now sat in front of the house, cat seat in and all ready. I feel a massive relief now! Baby is now allowed to come.

Got the midwife appointment later on today and I'm nervous that she'll want to check me by doing an internal if I tell her about my contractions! I haven't been having any for the past couple of days so I don't think I'll say anything....I really don't want to have to "expose" myself until baby is well on his way out!!


I'll update after the midwife visit.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

"Hope it all goes well for you....!"

Well it is official. I apparently look ready to burst! I must admit, I felt like I had been lucky on the bump size front so far - but the last week or so, it's like my bump has tripled in size!! I'm measuring 41" around the bump now!!

Aaaand the nights are getting even more uncomfortable! I couldn't settle to sleep until about 2am and then I proceeded to wake up every hour or so needing the bathroom. My goodness, it's like return of the first trimester! Only much heavier, gruntier and slower!! When I woke up late this morning I was like a turtle that just gave up in life....hmm lets see if I can find a picture?
There we are. I was on my back and totally spread out like this! It hurt so much to wake up like that. I felt like baby was squishing all my organs and I couldn't breathe very well!! I'm 37 weeks on Thursday (or Saturday on medical records) and I'm just holding on by the skin of my teeth. At the very worst, I've only got 5 weeks to go now - but oh I do hope I don't go overdue!!
Not much to report. The gearbox has been changed on the Golf - but unfortunately the problem with it hasn't been sorted!! What a nightmare eh! I feel desperate. Something needs to start going right soon!!

As for pains - they disappeared yesterday, so my hopes of an early labour have utterly died away. :(
Oh and last night I was rudely awoken in the night by baby's aggressive hiccoughs!

Ooh some purchase updates!! Ross and I are buying a baby bouncer as we have realised it is a really important thing to have! (Neil and Kirstie's baby wont settle unless she is constantly bounced in her bouncer) So after much searching through silly poncy vibrating £100+ ones and weird flashy wooden ones...and found the PERFECT bouncer.

It vibrates a little too - but the main thing is the frame is flexible enough for Ross to use his foot to bounce it and of course, it has a funky RACE CAR design!

We also go a cute baby mobile for the swinging crib - it has race cars on it too. :)

It's making me impatient seeing all the baby things washed, prepped and set up ready. I keep looking at everything and just thinking "just need baby now".

Oh well. Tetris will help me pass the time....heheheh

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A New Motto!

My new motto for the year is: If you don't want people to throw stones at you.....don't live in a glass house!

There's some food for thought eh!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Pain, Pain, Go away...come back another day!!

This is now day 5 of having irregular contractions. :( Gutting. So here's an update:

Day 1. Felt incredibly nauseous, run down and gripy pains in my stomach. Just flopped on the sofa with cookie monster on my back and falling in and out of consciousness thinking my life was going to really reminded me of the good ol' days whenever I'd be on a period! That night, (so technically on Day 2) I got out of bed at 1am and started scrubbing the kitchen floor, cleared the dishes away, bleached the bathrooms, tidied the lounge and polished...

Day 2. I pulled out all the clothes, shoes, boxes and bedding out from the wardrobes and packed unwanted clothes away, refolded the bedding, sorting all my teddies and put all the clothes on hangers and rearranged them nicely. Put on 4 wash loads and emptied the washing bin. Proceeded to empty/fill the dishwasher, run up and down the stairs with various items that had been left lying around and just generally cleaning everything. Folded all the freshly washed and dried clothes, put them away and repacked my hospital bag and bag for the baby. Phew.

Day 3. Went out shopping with Ross, walked around B&Q feeling irregular but painful period-like pains in my lower bump and back. Got home, curled up on the sofa trying to watch TV and put my mind off the horrible pains that just kept on coming and going.

Day 4. Slept for 12hrs straight and totally missed church. Stayed in Bed until 4 as I was exhausted from the constant niggles and aches and pains I've been experiencing. finally coaxed myself to have a shower, get dressed, walked downstairs, got a drink and then doubled up with the most painful contraction yet. Awful. Sat down, had a pain killer. Tried to ignore the pains. They dulled down and died off totally....

Day 5. Woke up in the middle of the night, had awful experience where I was gripped by fear and anxiety, cried my eyes out, got intense tightenings and braxton hicks...the pains were all in my back. But after a blessing and a drink, they died off and I was able to sleep. Woke up in early afternoon feeling totally lousy. Pains just keep coming in waves, but not regular enough to write down, Baby is so far down I can't feel his head. His back is in my pelvis and I keeps squirming about as if to say "let me out".

This baby has had enough. I've had enough. We both want it to end, yet neither of us know how to actually get to that bit! Baby is doing all the right things, he's fully engaged head down, his back is facing my bump, I'm feeling the contractions and trying to breathe....but nothing's happening!! I'm not too upset though, If I hold out til Saturday, I'll be 37 weeks on paper. (although I still count my new weeks on every thursday)

I just don't know how much longer this will go on. I have a mid wife appointment this thursday and if I haven't gone into labour by then I'm tempted to ask the midwife to check me and see if I'm dilated...!

I still have worries though - like what do I do once I've given birth? Do I really have to spend the night in hospital alone with a brand new baby to look after? What do I do when I want to go to the bathroom? I can't just leave the baby? Surely! And WHY must I go to hospital! :( Sick people go to hospital and I'm terrified. TERRIFIED of going in.

I really want to go to the birthing unit - I'm so incredibly nervous of going into the delivery suite with the utensils and sterile rooms and the's just too much of a fuss. I hate it so much and I hate the idea of Ross leaving me for the night. Suddenly I feel much too young to be having a baby..! I'm scared!! :(

BUT, boy am I ready! I want this boy OUT. I want to cuddle him, clothe him, bathe him and feed him. I look forward to the sleepless nights of endless feeding and soothing and rocking and checking on him to see if he's sleeping alright....I can't wait to be able to give Ross out baby and go and have a shower for a few minutes. I so want him to be born. I'm so ready for that. Heck, I've been having pains so long I really REALLY don't care about labour anymore. Bring it on. Let's get him out. I guess it's the hospital bit I'm hating the idea of.....too late to schedule a home birth???

Hmmm. Well that was one long post of moaning! haha yep I'm definitely in my last month of pregnancy!


ps, confession: I just ate the rest of Ross' chocolate easter egg..and I feel much happier for it too! heheh.

Friday, 3 April 2009

It's all building up to this!

Well, we've been having problems with the Golf and the Audi recently. It's really kind of distressing to have 2 none working cars and a lot of money required to fix them!

The Golf has been in the garage for 2 weeks now, and we've been borrowing Ross' brother's car for Ross to get to work in. We thought it was just the wheel bearing that needed doing, so we had the work done and gave them £200 for it. BUT it turned out that the wheel bearing was fine. Then they thought it was the CV joint, but they decided to run some diagnostics - well today the WORST news, it turns out that it's the gear box that needs replacing. New Golf gear boxes are almost £2,000. We might be able to get one for £1,000 but it's money we don't have and we've already spent over £2,000 on the Audi to get it running....which it isn't, and we just had to spend over £100 to get a new radiator for it.

I'm so, so sick of all this car business! The stress of borrowing Neil's golf is building up with each day because Ross' commute is putting miles on the car and Ross' brothers get funny about this and its only a matter of time before he demands Ross to service the car and change the tyres. *sigh*

I'm really looking forward to Ross being on Paternity leave for 2 weeks. He's applying for a couple of positions in Cirencester, so we're praying that something will come of it. What a huge blessing it will be if Ross got a job closer to home. Everything would just seem less stressful and easier to cope with.

I need to repack my hospital bag. Sorry random thought there.

Well I have to go, it's Ross' birthday at the weekend and I need to wrap his presents and go out and buy a cake and some "supplies". I'm also excited about it being conference this weekend.

Well we just keep plodding on and praying that we get through this strange time! The days are lighter....that's something eh?!