Monday, 24 May 2010


ITS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monkey has our one and only fan in his room to keep him cool (he's on the top floor poor sausage) AND I'M DYING IN THIS HEAT!!!


Not a lot of news really. Except we're having another BOY. Yep, but now I just wonder if the sonographer got it wrong....I mean the baby's hand WAS between it's legs....maybe it was a hand?? Who am I kidding, saw it all bright and clear - just still in shock. This is NOT a boy! Ryan was hyperactive and kicking and bouncing and just....well a BOY for sure!! But this's so laid back, so cool - he kicks a lot but they feel different. He's different. Ah well, I'm not cloning Ryan - boys are allowed to be different! hehe


Okay monkey is awake, time to fill up the paddling pool...

oh yeah and we got Ryan his first shoes! He's got such fat feet! hehe size 4.5 G!!! Massive. He looks dead cute in them though! :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Let the Voting Commence! And...Hello Week 15!

Well today is a big day in the UK. The General Election. A time that had so many near death experiences that we thought it would never happen! Traditionally the Electoral term in the UK is 4 years but Brown (who inherited 10 Downing St and was never elected) has stretched it out for as long as lawfully possible. So after 5 long years we are finally able to voice our opinions! And what are mine? Get Brown out!!!

Several Labour MPs have been sacked due to writing inappropriate statements on their Twitter and Facebook accounts about other MPs or Brown himself! Recently a Labour MP stated that he felt Brown is the "Worst PM in history". This is exactly what happend to the Tories and as such destroyed themselves from within.

Ed Balls (Labour Ed officer) is adamant that parents should not be allowed to decline sex education being taught to their 5 year olds. Parents are also receiving court orders and prison sentences for absent children! Excuse me!! And don't get me started with how PC this country has become and so accommodating to all forms of religion apart from Christianity.

Just recently I read an artical about a Christian Priest who was sacked for refusing to wed a gay couple. When he appealed, the court judged that religious reasons alone is not a good enough defence and he should respect other people's decisions to marry!

Oh and of course who was the Chancellor during the countries biggest Boom/Bust in history? Who insisted that he was "Going to Save the World"? The same person who smiled in his creepy manner, thanked a life-long Labour supporter for voicing her concerns about his immigration policies and then behind closed doors (with his mic still on and the world able to hear) called her a "Bigoted woman" Charming.

Brown summed himself up perfectly during the last election debate when he opened with "I don't always get it right".

Yes well done Brown. You never get it right.

13 consecutive years in parliament is clearly the danger zone for any party. It was in the later years that Maggie let the power to her head and thought she could do whatever she liked. The same is happening again. Labour are tearing themselves apart, Blundering-Brown is offending people across the nation and giving small children nightmares with his eerie smile and the party are turning this state into a Socailist/Communism society!

Get - Them - Out.

I feel pretty horrendous today, but I'm going to hobble into that voting office and put my X. I vote for change, for family values, for discipline in schools, a cap on immigration, no NI rise, and prepared for some tough tax rises and public spending cuts that are inevitable to get us out of this mess that Brown got us into.

Let's face it, whichever party gets in power, we've got hard times ahead of us. So we might as well vote for the party who believe in being "Great" Britian and allowing the nation to keep it's free agency!

lol rant over.