Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's the FINAL Countdown!!

Okay so now that song is in my head - but loooook!! LOOOOOK!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
My baby ticker says "99 days to go" today we have crossed a MASSIVE milestone!! (Yes granted I went 10 days overdue last time but who cares? I could be early this time! )

I'm so excited to have this baby! I'm MORE excited about going to America but seeing that baby ticker just made me realise how close we're cutting it! Phew! I've been feeling braxton hicks for the past week or so which seems so much earlier than last time, but NHS direct say it's normal for a second, third, fourth baby etc etc. I'm not worried, it's just a mild inconvinience.

Ryan had his MMR jab last week and he was sick last night, up with a high temperature (37.5) and moaning and crying even in his sleep. Poor munchkin. I hate seeing him poorly but hopefully it means the vaccine is working and his body is busy making lots of antibodies! I read that they offer it from 13 months because that is around the time when the mother's immunity leaves the baby!! Oh this just made me cry!! No wonder people keep breastfeeding for years....I just want to wrap my little baby up in cotton wool and keep him protected from EVERYTHING!

Ah. Two little monkeys. I'm having TWO baby boys! I'm completely in love with the idea. I was getting all Ryan's old clothes and going "ooh awww cute!!!" it will be so surreal to see the new baby in Ryan' "old" baby grows (IT WAS ONLY YESTERDAY HE WAS A NEWBORN I SWEAR!)

We have an inspection of our house today - and they stated in their not-so-polite letter that they will inspect the propety between 9am and 3pm. I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday - totally lousy, lethargic, wanting to be sick and hating this "return of the nausea" had Ross call and cancel....and get this - they said "we'll let the inspecter know of the situation but as there are no more times we can carry it out he will be coming to see the property anyway..." [cue angry eye twitch] Grrr!

So last night consisted of hoovering, de-cluttering, cleaning, stacking, folding, washing, plumping pillows, frantically pulling hair out and the odd bit of growling. I was in a baaaaad mood. (Hey pregnancy hormones completely over-exaggerate EVERYTHING)

Then Ryan was up feeling so hot he was burning me to touch! Poor little mite. He's never poorly - I always comforted myself with the thought that he had Ross' manly immune system. Stupid MMR jab -oh how I hate you!!

Ooh massive change of subject - but I've read that "they" are in the process of creating a vaccine against the sickness bug!!!! [CEL-A-BRATE-GOOD-TIMES-COME-ON!] I think I will die from happiness when that happens...

Okay tummy is growling at me for food - and monkey needs some mummy cuddles. :)

Laura xx

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rambling, Week 25, Driving and My Upcoming Book...

17 days til New York !! woo hoo.

Okay so I was going to write about my previous post but I'm soooo busy and spend every second of my spare time either napping or writing my new book! So for the sake of moving on and not missing anything else, I'm skipping that write-up. Sorry but as they say a picture speaks 1000 yeah.

Anyway whaffle over! Went out to the shops today on the bus and they've changed the rules! No change!! You've got to have the perfect amount for your fare! £3.20 for a day rider so I lost £1.80 as I didn't want to walk and only had £5 note on me. Anyway so that had me a little miffed - especially as it was swealtering hot and there was barely any room for me because there were two prams onboard already. It was further motivation for me to keep at it with my driving lessons!!

Speaking of which, I am now negotiating rounabouts. Cool eh? I was super confident after my lesson and feeling like I was getting somewhere, so Ross took me out in the Golf and oh-my, now I know why he said "I don't want to teach you to drive because I want to save our marriage!" my instructor is so supportive and tells me all the things I'm doing right and saying how I can improve in other areas.....Ross just grumbled about all the bad things and kept saying "if you didn't know that and your teacher didn't teach you that I'm very concerned!"

Needless to say I'm not going out in the Golf with him again any time soon. [angry face]

Besides, there's a MASSIVE difference between driving a petrol and a diesel!!

Had a midwife appointment yesterday - I'm 25 weeks now!! Woo hoo, so I got my MAT B1 form, HIP grant form and got to have my bloods done before we go to America so I'm all set for the Anti-D when we get back. Bump is measuring spot on for my dates and the midwife SAW the baby kicking, it made her day! She said "It's so unusual to see it this soon! But look - there it is again!" That was nice!! My blood pressure was 90/50 (even lower than the time I fainted!) but midwife was very happy with it, said it was "healthy". Oh well.

Still thinking about having a homebirth - the midwife is coming to the house for my 32 week appointment where she can answer all our questions and go through it all with Ross and me. So that's something to look forward to! lol.

I'm writing a new book - it's called "Pregnancy is not an illness but Hyperemesis Gravidarum is!" I have a list of women who have submitted their experiences to me and want to be involved. There'll be a section entitled "You're Not Alone" and lots of short stories of women who have suffered with Hyperemesis, some end in miscarriage or abortion, others have happy endings, but they all agree on the horror that is Hyperemsis! I'm sharing my experience, research and key lessons I have learned from going through it - especially having two pregnancies close together. I'm highlighting the dire medical treatment in the UK and advertising the Hyperemesis Education and Research website - the proceeds will go to for research into the illness and finding a cure.

It's theraputic to write but indeed harrowing. Replaying it all is hard but the flashbacks are not coming so much and I feel like writing it all down and knowing that my experience could help others is helping me put it all to rest.

I've got a Primary activity to go to tonight and Ross will be home to take me in the next few minutes so I better head off now and put some make up on!

Gotta run!!


Friday, 2 July 2010

Freebies RULE!

Yes, yes I know one of these photos is sideways - but it is much easier for YOU to tilt your head to the side than complain to blogger that their uploading thingy isn't working properly!!!
Anyway the toddler bed is solid pine (painted white) and give to us for FREE!!! And because we bought all new bedding for our new bed, we have a proper guest room set up and raring to go!!

Jana and Terin (a couple who used to live in Kentucky but is on base in Germany and have a baby) are coming over to stay for the weekend (unless they receive our email about Ryan possibly having the chicken pox at which point they would probably stay away and all my slaving and heavy lifting this week was for nothing!) And I was so stressed out! But it's done now and I'm really pleased! :)
Yeah you read right - chickenpox!! A baby at church (Well 19month old baby) has come out in spots and confirmed chickenpox 2 days ago - there is a 2 week incubation period and as Ryan was playing with this baby on Sunday is it 99% likely that Ryan has caught it too! I guess it's better to get it over with before the baby arrives!! (And before we go to America!!) So's good but not good. Eh I'm not looking forward to the sleepless nights and all the spots!! ahh poor ickle Ryan. He's been out of character, restless, quieter than normal, off his food etc etc. So thinking he's beginning to feel a bit poorly. *sigh* Never ends does it!!?
Gotta go, I'm so shattered! xxx