Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ryan's First Day at Playschool

Well at 5 weeks old, Ryan went to Playschool for the first time. It was only for an hour and we sang songs, played with rattles, made little mobiles and Ryan slept through all of it! It was nice to meet some other mums though and there was a lady there who had her baby girl the same day as me - in the same hospital and whats more, I remember that she was on my ward!!!

So that was fun. :) Hopefully next week Ryan might stay awake to enjoy some of it!!


Monday, 22 June 2009

Fathers Day

Cuddles with mummy in Ryan's new outfit
A special smile (and an added chuckle) for Daddy on Fathers Day

Oh so many of Ryan's facial expressions are the same as his Daddy's!

Opening the presents!

A Father's Day nap with Daddy's favourite little man.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

4 Weeks old today!

My little man is growing up!! Goodness me, where does the time go??

Ryan just Loves his cars mobile!! Ross is so proud..

Ryan makes the funniest faces when he's just had a feed. He goes so dopey and happy!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Let me lay on my changing mat!!

My baby is a strange boy at times....he has a swinging crib, moses basket, bouncey chair and floor mat to settle on but he actually prefers to lay on his changing mat!!!

The Health Visitor...and Ryan is 3 weeks old today!

My little boy is 3 weeks old today! Happy 3 week day Ryan! :D The Health Visitor came over and he's weighing a hefty 9lbs 2 ounces!! He's put on 9 ounces in 6 days!! I can't say I'm surprised, the chunky monkey has been feeding all the time! I'm exhausted. Although at night Ryan has settled into a nice routine. He goes down at 11pm and wakes at about 4:30am for a feed and then he goes down at 5am and sleeps until 8ish. So the nights are quite good!! Although, sometimes he likes to stay up and fuss until 2am before finally going to sleep!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday and today! I can't believe how quick Ryan is growing up and his hair is sooo red! Although in some lights it does look blonde or brown. He's scrummy. Ross and I love him to pieces!! xxxx More pictures to follow.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Sony, Sony, Sony....

After getting all excited and talking about the costs of crates for our furniture, getting a visa, what we'd sell and how we'd go about immigrating to the USA should a job be available in New York - Ross finds out from work that the USA have been outsourcing his job (batch scheduling or systems anaylsing) to India! Cheap labour! So we were a little miffed at that!!

On a slightly more positive note, Ross had a chat with his senior and together they had a chat with his boss' boss about the whole situation and they are going to offer Ross the extra training after all. We're still having to take a pay cut though and it's still not good enough. But Ross is really happy, he feels that for as long as he needs to do that commute, he can because he feels we're not just getting a good income but he's gaining experience which would enable him to get a different job closer to home. I'm happy as long as he's happy, but I would still prefer he wasn't away 12/13hrs a day. I know we'd have to make sacrifices to have Ross work closer - (big pay cuts, no work from home days and less flexibility) but to me we're making big sacrifices for the benefits we get at the moment.

We all have hayfever at the moment - I feel utterly dreadful. So we're off out to get some meds (see if there's any I can take while nursing) and have some time in the fresh air.

Oh and we voted in the European Election last night! Was very exciting!! (But Ryan screamed all the way there - why did we have to walk??)

Gotta go


Thursday, 4 June 2009

He's on a roll!!

Okay so I put Ryan on the bed for 2 seconds while I dashed into the bathroom to put my lenses in - I heard him crying (as he usually does when I put him down) and called out to him to soothe him. Then a second later I hear that his crying is all muffled....panicked, I ran back into the bedroom to see Ryan on his tummy and his head buried in the mattress!!

The only plausible explanation is that my 16 day old son just rolled over!! He can't even lift his head yet....I have a feeling that this little boy is going to run before he learns to crawl!!

haha well I should be napping right now...off I go..!


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Chubby Chubby Chubkins!!

The midwives wouldn't discharge me last week because Ryan hadn't made it back up to his birth weight. They were threatening me that if he hadn't made it back up by today, we'd have to top him up with formula and be tested again.

I was soo stressed about that! So all last night I was a mess. Totally unable to sleep but absolutely shattered at the same time! I was praying so hard that Ryan had made up the weight and we wouldn't have to go down the formula road. I just didn't want to mess with my milk supply.

Well, on Friday Ryan was 7lbs 15ounces and this morning he weighed in at a hefty 8lbs 9ounces! So not only has he got back to his birth weight - he's passed it!! Hurrah!! All those hourly feeds were paying off!!

I'm having a GREAT time breastfeeding now! I don't want to ever give up!! (well, obviously I will once teeth arrive. haha) It's wonderful. We are past that horrible beginning stage and it's all comfortable and Ryan knows what he's doing, I know what i'm doing and it's great! Just great!! The only downer is the constant need for feeding. Ryan will cluster feed all day and then come 2am he'll sleep right through til 6am. So that's good isn't it!? Well I certainly think so!

Anyways Ryan is asleep - I've done a few more pages for the scrap book and the house is clean and tidy. Now I need to sleeeeep!!! I was a wally yesterday and did waay too much. Poor Ross comes home and has to pick me up in pieces and put me back together again!

haha sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not superwoman!!


Oh and another note - THE AUDI HAS IT'S MOT!!!! Woo Hoo!!! *does a little victory dance* Now all we need to do is tax it and the CAR IS BACK ON THE ROAD!¬

On the downside - we've now got two cars to pay for and it looks like Ross is going to be out of a job soon. :(

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Normal Life: The Beginning

Ross went back to work today. I was anxious last night because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to cope with Ryan alone all day and deal with the night feeds/nappy changes.

Well last night wasn't so bad. Ryan woke up at 11pm for a feed, then 1am, 2:30am, 4am and had a nappy change at 4:30am and slept through til 10am for another feed and nappy change.

It was harder doing it alone but doable.

Then I got up, hoovered upstairs and downstairs, cleaned the kitchen, put on 2 washes, folded the clean laundry, changed 3 dirty nappies. Change Ryan's clothes twice, Tidied lounge. Polished, made bed and got washed and dressed for the day. Oh and gave Ryan a couple of feeds in between.

I feel soooo good for getting things in order and getting into some sort of routine. The health visitor is coming over at 3pm and I'm nervous but at least the house is tidy!

Well this isn't so bad.... :)