Wednesday, 10 November 2010

First Child and Second Child Differences...

With Ryan I would just stare into his beautiful face when he was a newborn - forget sleep! I have a gorgeous baby to admire!

With Alex, as soon as I've fed him and changed his nappy I'm patting his back, rocking and shushing him counting down the time til he falls asleep and I can get my head down.

With Ryan, as soon as I heard him sniffle or stir I'm jumping right to the Moses Basket and finding out what is wrong.

When Alex begins to stir, I roll over in bed and enjoy the last few seconds rest I have before he lets out his fog horn cry and I'm sorting him out again.

With Ryan I enjoyed putting him in day outfits and sleepsuits at night

Alex can live in sleepsuits, one for the day and one at night. It's so much easier and there's no need to force him to grow up. He's my baby!

Whenever I breastfed Ryan, I would sit up with my feeding cushion and sit there enjoying this time together

Alex get's fed "on the go" because sure enough when I'm feeding him Ryan is up to mischief or has just managed to walk into a door frame (or something silly) So get Alex latched on, hold him with one hand (he lays on my arm) and I'm running after Ryan, sorting him out at the same time.

Whenever Ryan filled his nappy, I would change it straight away, often getting "jet pooed" on or weed on.

When Alex fills his nappy, I sit him up and rub his tummy, waiting for the inevitable "round 2" (and round 3...4...5 etc) and wait for him to cry for a change, then I know I have the "all clear" for changing him.

Ryan would be bathed carefully in the big bath, with lovely bubbles and then given a baby massage with baby oil afterwards.

Alex gets bathed in the sink - no time for massages afterwards!

Ryan would get floor time on his little play mat for hours on end

Alex is not allowed anywhere near the floor for fear of being stepped on or jumped on by said older brother

I'll make it up to Alex when the sleep-deprivation wears off.

On that note. Naptime. x

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  1. oh laura I couldn't stop laughing it's so true! everything you said. I remember Ashlyn barely got a bath! you poor thing it is going to be rough for a little bit but you'll find your groove it sounds like you are doing amazing already! Carla and Gabor come soon I hope they might be a bit of a help! Megan might entertain Ryan a bit too. Wish I was there to help you're doing amazing! you can do it!