Sunday, 24 October 2010

Back in Loving Hands

I like to think this photo has captured the emotion of what has just happend today. We found a very poorly baby Arnie, led by the front door (outside on the gravel path) he was stone cold, immobile and had his eyes closed. His back legs were awkward and stiff and he had a lump at the base of his spine. The poor lizard had staggered to the front door and gave up - closed his eyes and led there to die in the freezing cold.
Then Ross, Ryan and I approached the front door on our way back from a sunday walk - I had looked at the ground as I left the house only half an hour earlier and he wasn't there, so for sure we met at JUST the right time. I don't know what made me look at the ground - he was so still, we could have walked straight past him (Ross had!) but there I saw him, led still and sad on the gravel in a defeated pose. Ross scooped him up in his warm hands, huddled him close and I rushed about getting things for our baby lizard - my motherly instincts stretch to reptiles it seems -as who knows what made me think of filling a hot water bottle and having him lay on it to regain temperature.
It felt like something out of a James Herriot novel.
But now I ponder it - and look at this picture of baby Arnie in Ross' loving hands, it made liken it to us and Heavenly Father. Sometimes in life we do foolish things or make choices that aren't best for us (like leave the straight and narrow path - or escape from a viv) sometimes we think we know better and decide to do things our own way for a while only to get beaten and bruised and cold. Then we try to get home but sometimes we've wandered too far and need help.
It touches me to remember that even when one of Heavenly Father's children have strayed so far that they think going back is impossible and give up all hope - our Saviour is there to rush to our aid, scoop us up into his loving embrace and fill our spirits with warmth and love again.
Baby Arnie is back in his vivarium tonight. There's a wonderful feeling in the house now and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for inspiring me to go out at just the right time for us to see baby Arnie. Even if it is not to be and baby Arnie is to die, at least he will spend his final moments in the warmth and safety of his home with those who love him around.
And if he makes a full recovery - lets hope he learns his lesson and doesn't escape his vivarium again!

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