Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Worst Fear!!

On Sunday morning I got up, washed, dressed and ready for Church - Ross jumped in the shower as I went upstairs to Ryan with his sunday clothes and a fresh nappy for the day.....to find him laying over his pillow, hugging his blanky and smiling at me but not lifting his head. He looked so happy but tired.

Then the smell hit.

"What on Earth?" I whispered to myself as I crept closer into the room, then I noticed most of last night's dinner all over the sheets, his clothes and the cot!! What was even more sad was it was all completely dry! Poor little monkey had been sick in the night and not feeling well but didn't cry for help!! As I stripped the bed and put monkey in the bath I felt like the worlds worst mother!

So church went out the window. We stayed home to look after monkey and "just in case" it was a tummy bug - you never know with children!

Ryan wasn't sick again. But he kept developing a temperature and was off his food all day, not to mention screaming with pain as his bottom molars are cutting through! Yeouch! Ryan went to bed last night, cried a little every now and then but mostly slept through.

Then Ross got struck done! First time he's had a bug since we've been married and I was dreaded this happening since he asked me to marry him!!! Stomach bugs are my worst nightmare - but the idea of Ross getting one shook me to the core!!

Surprisingly, when he started to be violently sick in the bathroom - an awfully evil smile crossed my lips (only once I promise!!!) and the naughty thought of "get a taste of what it's like to be pregnant darling" entered my head. !!!! How evil am I?!!! Despite freaking out or panicking (as I thought I would) my maternal instinct seemed to kick in. I quickly felt nothing but compassion and just wanted to take care of him.

Now armed with tissues and lots of water, he's on his own in the bedroom - quarenteened for the rest of the day. I wish we had a sliding hatch in the bedroom door where I could refresh his water and leave more tissues.

Ryan is very off-colour today. Again, I went up to him this morning and he was curled on is knees and forearms over his pillow and hugging his blanky. He didn't smile at me this time, but looked up at me with sad, poorly eyes and sucked on his dummy a few times. I stroked his head, wrapped him in another blanket and he promptly fell asleep again.

Now I'm sat in the lounge, rather sleep deprived and feeling like I'm a ticking time bomb. It's only a matter of time before it hits me too. But at least it'll be temporary....not lasting months on end. I just pray this bug doesn't cause me to go into labour! Can't think of anything worse!!


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  1. oh stomach bugs are the worst! so you have it too I guess from facebook. so awful Laura I hope you feel better soon, I'll remember you all in my prayers tonight xxx