Monday, 11 June 2012

A Mother's Work...

A mothers work is never done. I woke up this morning feeling wide awake despite a dismal night sleep. There is something about Mondays that makes me feel motivated. New week, fresh start and all that. This week I WILL do better. I will not let the washing pile exceed the limit of the laundry basket. I will keep the house tidy and clean I will take the children out every day for some fresh air I will not be sick this week I will spend less time on cleaning and more time playing with the boys I will stick to a schedule and be consistent in discipline. I will budget better and be sensible in food shopping I will teach the boys something new every day I will get up early so I can be ready for the day and wake the boys myself I will keep my blog and diary up to date I will get back in touch with a few old friends I will feed my children nutritious and healthy food I will not moan about being heavily pregnant I will..... I will.... I will drive myself insane with all these expectations of myself. I have hoovered the bottom two floors, taken the rubbish out, sorted the recycling; folded clean laundry and put a load of washing on. Tidied the toys. Polished. Cleaned the kitchen. Teach the boys the letter A and what words begin with A. The list goes on and on...yet my house still looks like a bomb has hit it! I also feel that I used up a lot of my energy planning everything I was going achieve. So here's an idea. Forget "To Do" I am goin to write "I have done" lists. That way I can tick everything off and feel a sense of achievement! Okay, kiddies need some tea. Chicken korma and rice tonight! And no,,,,not from the curry house! Ha.