Monday, 18 June 2012

Potty Training: Day 1

I invested some money into bribing a very kind friend to come over and help me to potty train Ryan.

I have one week- possibly two, of resources from said friend and so the pressure is on! So how did day 1 go? Well...

The day started soon after 8am- We got Ryan out of his nappy and put him on the toilet. Barely any wee and he was done. On go the big boy lightening McQueen pants!

By 9:30am, Ryan had already gone through spare clothes and a couple of pants. And I was feeling rather tired!

Still we persevered! Even after a really bad accident!

When Alex went down for a nap, I put Ryan on the potty and he sat there for nearly half an hour- or maybe more? -and hey presto! Massive poo and wee in the potty. We did lots of cheering and jumping around for that one.

Ryan loved the sticker reward chart, he chose a blue sticker each time and thoroughly enjoyed eating a sweet afterwards! (who wouldn't?)

Then at tea time he had another massive accident at the dinner table- he made a noise of frustration and said "oh not again!!"

Then he did another few trips to the toilet before bedtime. He also refused a nappy to wear to bed and said he should have a pull up- so that's good!

Too early to tell if it's going to stick or not, but I do know one thing- I'm wiped out and shattered!!! Time for bed!

Roll on day 2!

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  1. How funny is that, today I bought Ashlyn her princess pants!!! She is so excited. She went in the toilet tonight but who knows about tomorrow! Good Luck!